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Green Parking Experts for Over 20 Years!
Parkitect is the leader in innovative green site furnishings. We are experts in bike and skateboard racks, benches, trash cans, and custom site furnishings.

By designing projects with lower emissions, we are helping everyone GO GREEN and do their part for the environment. Parkitect is a trusted partner for Architects, Government Agencies, Schools, Colleges, and Universities across the Midwest. For more than 20 years, Parkitect has been creating long-lasting bike parking and outdoor site furnishings of the highest quality.

Have a vision for your green space? We can create an endless array of beautiful and secure designs. Interested in having your municipal, corporate, or school logo on an artistic freeform design? Let us help you bring that vision to life.

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Make a Statement With Parkitect Products //

Parkitect is a family-owned company that has a rich history in bicycle and skateboard racks, benches, bollards, and site furnishings. Our in-house design and manufacturing teams specialize in providing ideas and answers to effectively help grow green transportation and outdoor site usage.

We pride ourselves in bringing your vision to light while constructing your order with the highest quality products. We can handle orders of any size!

Dream It

It all begins with an idea. Whether it is a bike rack, a bench, or a custom design, we are here to help you bring that vision to fruition.

Design It

Whether it’s a free-form artistic design or even your corporate, municipal, or school logo, Parkitect will work with you to create long-lasting, beautiful, and secure designs.

We Will Build It

With the final approval of your CAD drawings, Parkitect will create your bike rack, bench, or custom project. Parkitect uses only the highest quality materials, giving you a product that will last for years to come.

Make a Statement With Parkitect Products