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Trash & Recycling Cans

Championing a Greener Park

The presence of designated recycling and trash cans in your park isn't just about cleanliness; it's a testament to your community's unwavering commitment to sustainability. Placing conveniently accessible recycling bins alongside traditional trash cans actively encourages park visitors to play an integral role in the recycling process. This seemingly simple gesture carries far-reaching implications, including waste reduction, energy preservation, and the safeguarding of our natural resources.


Embrace the Power of Eco-Conscious Living

Beyond the practical benefits, it conveys a compelling message about the cherished values and guiding principles held dear by your community - those of responsibility, respect, and an unyielding dedication to eco-conscious living.

Together, let's embark on a journey to create a park that not only welcomes all but also champions environmental stewardship. Inspiring and motivating everyone to leave a positive imprint on our planet is the essence of our shared vision

Choose a Design

Slat Trash Receptacle
Slat Trash Receptacle:
Introducing our Slat Trash Receptacle – a robust and stylish solution for efficient waste management in public spaces. Crafted from durable slatted steel, its modern design adds a contemporary touch. The outer shell is coated with textured polyethylene for enhanced durability and a sophisticated appearance. With a generous 32-gallon capacity and a range of color options, the Slat Trash Receptacle seamlessly combines strength and style, providing a reliable waste disposal solution for any outdoor environment.

Mounting options: Surface

Weight: 100lbs

Dimensions: 32 × 32 × 48 in

Slat Recycle Receptacle
Slat Recycle Receptacle:
Embrace sustainability with our Slat Recycle Receptacle – a sleek and eco-friendly option for organized waste separation in public areas. Engineered from sturdy slatted steel, its innovative design combines strength with a modern aesthetic. The outer shell features a textured polyethylene coating, ensuring both durability and an attractive look. With dedicated compartments for recyclables, this receptacle encourages responsible waste disposal. Available in various colors and equipped with a 32-gallon capacity, the Slat Recycle Receptacle is the ideal choice for environmentally conscious spaces.

Mounting Options: Surface

Weight: 100lbs

Dimensions: 32 × 32 × 40 in

Double Trash/Recycling
Dual Slat Receptacle (Trash & Recycle):
Introducing the Dual Slat Receptacle – a versatile and space-saving solution that seamlessly combines trash and recycle functionalities in one sleek design. Crafted from durable slatted steel, this innovative receptacle offers a modern aesthetic while maintaining robust functionality. The outer shell is coated with textured polyethylene for enhanced durability and a refined appearance. With dedicated compartments for both trash and recyclables, the Dual Slat Receptacle encourages responsible waste disposal in public spaces. Choose from a variety of colors to complement your environment, and enjoy the convenience of a 32-gallon capacity for each compartment. Elevate the sustainability of your outdoor space with the Dual Slat Receptacle – where strength, style, and eco-consciousness converge. Complete the ensemble by pairing it with our matching Slat Bench for a cohesive and functional outdoor furniture combination.

Mounting Options:  Surface

Weight: 175lbs

Dimensions:62 × 32 × 50 in

TRSH1100 RENDERING 1-1 300X300
Square Harbor Timber Receptacle
Square Harbor Timber Receptacle:
Elevate your surroundings with our architectural waste solution. Crafted with durable timber, this stylish square bin seamlessly integrates into urban spaces, offering both elegance and sustainability. Its secure design and weather-resistant finish make it the ideal choice for modern, eco-conscious environments.
Mounting Options: Surface
Weight: 100lbs
Dimensions: 32 × 32 × 40 in
Urban Forge Metal Receptacle
Urban Forge Metal Receptacle:
Introducing the Urban Forge Metal Receptacle – a sophisticated blend of contemporary design and industrial durability. This sleek waste bin is crafted from robust metal, offering a modern aesthetic that effortlessly complements urban landscapes. Ideal for parks, plazas, and high-traffic areas, the Urban Forge Metal Receptacle combines form with function, providing a resilient and stylish solution for efficient waste management.
Mounting Options: Surface
Weight: 100lbs
Dimensions: 32 × 32 × 40 in
TRSH1400 RENDERING 2-1 300X300
Linear Taper Metal Receptacle
Linear Taper Metal Receptacle:
Introducing the Linear Taper Metal Receptacle – a sleek and modern waste solution designed to harmonize with contemporary environments. The horizontal lines of this receptacle create a visually dynamic profile, while the tapered base adds an element of sophistication. Crafted from durable metal, the Linear Taper Metal Receptacle is an elegant addition to any urban setting, offering both form and function for efficient waste disposal.
Mounting Options: Surface
Weight: 100lbs
Dimensions: 32 × 32 × 40 in

Choose a Finish:

Powder Coat, Galvanized, or Stainless Steel

Colors -smaller

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